FI℞ST® – Progesterone VGSProgesterone Vaginal Suppository USP Compounding Kit

Progesterone VGS

℞ Only
For Prescription Compounding Only

  • FI℞ST® – Progesterone VGS 100mg in FI℞ST®

  • FI℞ST® – Progesterone VGS 200mg in FI℞ST®

  • Each Kit contains:
    3.0 g micronized Progesterone and 66 g fatty acid base

  • Each Kit contains:
    6.0 g micronized Progesterone and 63 g fatty acid base

US Patent: 7,434,690 B2; 7,815,929 B2; 8,276,757 B2

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Users are encouraged to report adverse events to FDA MedWatch 1-800-FDA-1088 or at

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