a convenient method for compounding

  • Quick and easy – saves time
  • Pre-measured components
  • One single NDC#/kit
    for easy claims processing
  • Helps facilitate compliance with 503A and USP <795> guidelines
  • Promotes accurate dosing each time
* 3 minute prep time excludes FI℞ST® – Progesterone VGS

Our Family of Products

FI℞ST® “Unit-of-Use” Kits address many of the unmet needs in compounding by providing a standardized, high quality alternative to traditional pharmacy compounding. The elegance of the FI℞ST® kit concept is in its simplicity: everything a pharmacist needs to compound a prescription is contained in a single box, with pre-weighted, pre-measured components manufactured by an FDA-registered, cGMP pharmaceutical company. Our FI℞ST® Unit-of-Use Kit portfolio covers three categories of commonly compounded preparations: oral solutions and suspensions and suppositories:

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