Unrestricted Grant from Company to Support Awareness and Advocacy Efforts

WILMINGTON, Mass. (November 1, 2017) – – CutisPharma and the C Diff Foundation announced the launch of a
partnership today, the first day of Clostridium difficile awareness month. As part of the partnership, CutisPharma will award an unrestricted grant to the Foundation to further support its awareness efforts.

“We are pleased to partner with the C Diff Foundation and support its education and advocacy efforts benefiting patients impacted by Clostridium difficile Infection,” said Neal I. Muni, MD, MSPH, Chief Executive Officer of CutisPharma. “It’s our hope that our work together can make positive strides in building awareness of this lifethreatening condition that affects over a half-million patients in the United States annually.”

The nonprofit C Diff Foundation is dedicated to supporting global public health initiatives for Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI), also called C. difficile or C. diff – for infection prevention, treatments and environmental safety.

“I am very thankful for CutisPharma’s support of our foundation’s efforts,” said Nancy Caralla, founder and Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation, who is both a nurse and a three-time C. difficile survivor who also lost her father to a C. difficile infection. “CutisPharma’s mission to improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs is aligned with our foundation’s goals, and we look forward to partnering with Neal and his team to further our education and advocacy efforts on behalf of patients and survivors.”

CutisPharma has undertaken several initiatives to expand from its traditional base of making compounding kits for pharmacists, including the development and commercialization of FDA-approved drugs. The filing of the Company’s first FDA New Drug Application earlier this year, by its RM Therapeutics subsidiary, was a key milestone in the Company’s expansion goals.

About CutisPharma
CutisPharma, Inc., based in Wilmington, Mass., is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company that has historically developed and distributed kits used by pharmacists to safely create compounded medications for nearly 20 years. The Company’s products include oral solutions and suspensions, such as antimicrobials, mouthwashes, and PPIs; topicals, including hydrocortisone; and suppositories, including progesterone VGS. CutisPharma’s FI℞ST® Unit-of-Use Kits have benefited millions of patients who are unable to swallow conventional oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules and whose needs are not served by commercially available therapies. For more information, visit www.cutispharma.com.

About the C Diff Foundation
The C Diff Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 2012, is comprised of 100 percent volunteering professionals dedicated to supporting public health initiatives for C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide. For more information, visit www.cdifffoundation.org.

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